Friday, September 5, 2008

Something Wonderful

Ever have that feeling that something wonderful is about to happen but you can't figure out exactly what or when it will be?

That's the kind of feeling I've been having for the past couple of days now. Ok, actually about 5 days...and to tell you the truth, it's kind of unnerrving. I wish it would show it's face and present what ever it has for me. I've been walking around this it? Or, Ooooh, maybe it's this!

But nope, nothing.

I hate waiting. I have never been good at waiting. I think that's one of my flaws. I can't wait, so I rush. Rush only ends up in wrong. I'm tired of wrong. I want right. So, here I wait and continue to have this feeling of 'something wonderful' but nothing to match it up to.

I compare it to Christmas.

Waiting for that day where you are finally allowed to open up those pretty, festive boxes to find out what treasures were meant for only you.

I also wonder if it's an aura we tend to send out to others, a signal if you may, to the universe saying, "I'm ready, I'm available, and open to accept whatever you may have planned for me."


Maybe someday soon I will be able to follow up with the answer to this blog and reveal what the universe has decided to put in my "pretty, festive, box".

I just hope that it's not socks or underwear.

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