Friday, September 5, 2008

Something Wonderful

Ever have that feeling that something wonderful is about to happen but you can't figure out exactly what or when it will be?

That's the kind of feeling I've been having for the past couple of days now. Ok, actually about 5 days...and to tell you the truth, it's kind of unnerrving. I wish it would show it's face and present what ever it has for me. I've been walking around this it? Or, Ooooh, maybe it's this!

But nope, nothing.

I hate waiting. I have never been good at waiting. I think that's one of my flaws. I can't wait, so I rush. Rush only ends up in wrong. I'm tired of wrong. I want right. So, here I wait and continue to have this feeling of 'something wonderful' but nothing to match it up to.

I compare it to Christmas.

Waiting for that day where you are finally allowed to open up those pretty, festive boxes to find out what treasures were meant for only you.

I also wonder if it's an aura we tend to send out to others, a signal if you may, to the universe saying, "I'm ready, I'm available, and open to accept whatever you may have planned for me."


Maybe someday soon I will be able to follow up with the answer to this blog and reveal what the universe has decided to put in my "pretty, festive, box".

I just hope that it's not socks or underwear.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bacardi Rum

During my morning run, (trying to pound out the depressing issues of my life)  a Bacardi Rum truck passes me by with the slogan on the back - "Live Life like You Mean It". 

Live life like you mean it.

Live life like you mean it.

Live.....Life......Like.......You.....Mean...... It. 

As I read it, the words reverberated through my head over and over as my feet pounded the pavement and my breath is labored;

What the hell is that supposed to mean? 

That if I drink this rum, I'm living life whole-heartily and mean it? Or is it that if I drink enough of it, I will really live life? Oh.. don't mess with me life, because I'm drinking Bacardi Rum and I'm MEANING it! Drinking and living life! Woo hoo!

What the hell am I supposed to be meaning anyway?

I stop running and begin to walk because I'm about to have a coronary, the thought still haunts me.

What would I do to define that I'm living life like I mean it? The answer escapes me, but I think the person who came up with this slogan must have been a former sneaker or sports drink marketer because the whole "meaning it" slogan would better fit products conducive to strength and determination, not liquor consumption.

I pound the pavement again now that my heart rate is at a safe level, and I've stopped hyperventilating.  I realize that the slogan got me to think about my life at this very point, and contemplate the definition of "meaning it". So do I?

Am I living life like I mean it? My answer is, yes. Everything that I do I mean and everything that I attempt are with strength and determination.

So, did Bacardi succeed in its attempt to pique the interest of the public, to challenge them with their own  definition of "meaning it"?

I answer with an emphatic yes.

Damn them.

As I finish my run and my conundrum, I am hot and thirsty.  I realize that I will  forever connect that slogan to Bacardi Rum. However the only drink I need is water, and I "mean it".