Monday, May 12, 2014

Barbie Vs. Barbie: Plastic Breatharian vs. Brainless Sex Toy

While scrolling through Yahoo news, I came across something. It was like a pretty little train wreck. It was a picture of a woman, which looked like a doll, that looked like a woman. I was mesmerized. I couldn’t figure it out. It was perplexing to me.  I peered closer into my computer screen looking for answers.  Was it a woman? No, couldn’t be. She has a waist that my thumb and pointer finger could reach around. The article says she’s a real woman, but her face was flawless. However, it wasn’t the kind of flawless that a person would want.  It was a plastic-y type of flawlessness. Her expression was, well, doll-like; a cold and empty stare. I couldn’t imagine a person would want to behave like this on purpose. As I read further, peeling my eyes away from the woman/doll abyss, I tried to find an answer to why she wanted this kind of life.

The self-named Barbie with her 18-inch waist and very much doll-like face is 28-year-old Ukrainian Valeria Lukyanova. In the April 2014 edition of GQ magazine, was an interview with Valeria discussing several points ranging from how she renamed herself “Amatue”, a name that came to her in a dream, to how she would never have children claiming, “I'd rather die from torture, because the worst thing in the world is to have a family lifestyle."
She also stated that she desired to live off of light and air. It’s called being Breatharian.  Breatharians believe that they can live without food or water. Rather, they live off of light and air alone called “cosmic micro-food”.


If that wasn’t bad enough, after scouring through the web for videos and other articles written about Ms. Lukyanova, aka Amatue, I stumbled upon another woman,  38 year-old American named Blondie Bennett, who wants to become brainless. Yes, you read that right, brainless in order to be as close to doll-like as possible.  “I want to be the ultimate Barbie. I want to be brainless. I don’t like being human, if that makes sense.”

Well, I suppose it’s starting to make sense. These women are just a big ole’ bowl of froot loopy.

I will run with that thought process and take it a step further. What would Barbie’s reaction be if she saw these women attempting to take on her persona.  I imagine her hauling off and bitch slapping both women in the face for slandering her name.

Let’s go even further down that rabbit hole. Barbie (the toy doll, not the human doll) was in just about every little girl’s bedroom, aspiring to be like her. It wasn't necessarily about looking like Barbie, but what she represented.  She was an independent woman. She had great clothes, matching everything, great cars, a town home, a pool, a camper, boats, jet skis, and not to mention a friggin Ferrari!  She had a boyfriend (Ken), but wasn’t married to him nor did he provide her with any material things in return for sexual favors as inferred by the human Barbie, Blondie Bennett

However, none of Barbie's possessions can be compared to her numerous careers. She had 150 of them. How many jobs does either one of these faux-Barbie women have? The only “job” I see Valeria doing is taking selfies and videos of herself posing doe-eyed and pouting with her head tilted while semi-exercising; completely alone. She uses her phone to produce the videos. 

It's sad, really. Here are two women who could be constructing much more with themselves rather than just a hollow, brainless body image. They say the eyes are the window to the soul. It may be Valeria’s body, but one look into her eyes and anyone can see that the real Valeria left a long time ago.